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Product Pick of the Day: Salon Pro 30 Second Weave Wonder Wrap

Salon Pro Weave Wonder Wrap

Ok, so today is my glam day. While most of you were out frolicking about town, enjoying this springtime weather, I spent my day with my head either under the faucet or under the hair dryer…yayy. BUT, all true divas know that with beauty, comes sacrifice!

Any who…I’m doing another quick weave glue-in on my hair (my protective style of choice until it’s relaxer time), and I wanted to let you Weave Queens (Don’t hide girl! I see you!) know about this new (well, new to me) product that I’m about to try for the first time. It’s the Salon Pro 30 Second Weave Wonder Wrap (WWW).

I know you guys and non-weave wearers are like WHAT in THE world is this girl talkin bout?? LOL Google & Youtube, my friends. Google. and. Youtube!

So, after almost taking clippers to my head trying to get leftover bonding glue out of my hair, I knew I had to try something different this time.

WWW is a protective serum placed on dry, molded (with hair gel yall lol) hair that protects the hair from coming in contact with the glue that’s used on the weft. From what I understand, it’s kinda like a liquefied, hardened skull cap that acts as a barrier between the bonding glue and the natural hair.

WWW is very reasonably priced. I picked up the 2 oz. bottle at my local beauty supply store for $5.99. That’s enough for one full head, but it comes in 4, 8 and 16 oz as well.
Shoutout to Mike and Ms Kim on Kivett Drive, by the way!

Wish me luck guys! Once my hair is molded, I’ll be ready to apply WWW. Of course, I did some research prior to and found nothing but good comments about the product. Plus, I’m pretty good at D.I.Y type things, so I’m sure my hair will be FIERCE when I’m done!

In the meantime, check out these videos I found explaining WWW and how it’s used & removed (It supposedly washes right out…no leftover glue!).

The lady sounds like the guy from the Clear Eyes commercials, but she does a better job of explaining it than I just did, plus there are visuals!
Oh yeah, if anybody out there has tried WWW or something similar, or if you have any weaving techniques or ideas, let us know!

I’ll be back soon with a full review of the Wonder Wrap & the hair I used (Say Me Cuatro Candy Curl)…stay tuned!

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