15 Carats and A Bow Tie--Outlandish and Lavish

Kim and Kanye got engaged, and I couldn't be more happy for the couple. I say time and time again that you must date/marry the person who matches your FLY. And that's what these two do for each other. Despite their past, their outlandish and lavish ways, they've found a future without regarding public opinion. The most talked about, the most controversial, and the baddest couple Hollywood has ever seen--Kim and Ye.

Furthermore I love seeing Kanye dressed up in bow ties. Here's a picture of Ye, Kim's 15-carat ring--outlandish and lavish. I'm feeling this. 

Photo Credits: USA Today, ABC 




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@TopflighHall is Living the Bow Tie Life

Today, I want to share a Highlight of one of my clients. He's a huge supporter of TFHApparel.com bow ties and has been supporting since I've opened a shop on Etsy. He's incredibly stylish. I just love the way that he incorporates color and floral into his wardrobe, giving it a manly edge. Here's @Topflighhall (IG), his TFHApparel.com Botanical bow tie, his soles and socks. It's Bow Tie Wednesday, TOPFLIGHTHALL is living The Bow Tie Life.

Heck, every day is bow tie day, if you ask me!

Here are a few pictures and a blurb about @topflighthall.

Check him out on Instagram. He's got style, and he gives his audience a daily of dose of styling options. So very cool.

Name: Joseph Hall AKA JOE or to some "Topflight"

Hometown: Killeen, Texas but also resided in DC and San Leandro California

Quote from Joe: "The botanical bow is a true gentlemen's bow. I love floral patterns, and this bow is an attention-getter. Every time I wear it, I receive numerous compliments and people telling me how they enjoy the print and vivid colors."


Logo Display for TFHApparel.com

Recently, TFHApparel.com finalized the logo that will be used for the tees and buttons that are due to our Kickstarter backers. The The Female Haberdasher logo looks vintage and retro which is a look we value and love here at TFHApparel.com.

In this pic, it has not not been colored. We intend on custom coloring the logo for different events and occasions. Well, here it is ... tell us what you think.

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Need Bow Ties for Your Wedding? TFHApparel.com Has Got You Covered.

On Friday, I, The Female Haberdasher, received exciting news in the mail, a wedding invitation to see my dear friend--Autumn--marry the love of her life--Evan.

Sidenote, before I go on, I have to avert your attention to the movie "Autumn in New York" where Richard Gere's character, an old sexy, man, falls in love with a belle. Love this flick.

Anyway, how about a cheers to this big announcement!! I'm sending out a hearty "Congrats" to Autumn and Evan."

Furthermore, with this new announcement, I've somehow attracted more clients who are preparing for weddings this year. 

This week, I'm starting something new--creating bow ties for boys for a wedding that is to take place this weekend. They will be plum, rectangle-shaped, adjustable (velcro), freestyle bow ties. I have a few more to make for a Kickstarter contributor and wellwisher--Paulette. I've not forgotten you, Miss. Boys bow ties will be made-to-order for now. As I continue to experiment with creating bow ties for boys, I intend on developing a collection. Stay tuned.

In addition, to the boys bow ties, I have a client who thought it would be nice to create custom bow ties for his wedding. I have a little something extra for this client and for all of you too ... It's going to make a lot of scents (yes, scents) later! More about that soon.

So weddings, weddings are everywhere. How exciting. Love is in the air. And I love that all of you are celebrating your love with TFHApparel bow ties.

For more information on how to get your hands on custom bow ties for your wedding, please email The Female Haberdasher. Congrats to everyone who is finding, falling, and saying "Forever" to love this year. Woohoo ... throws imaginary confetti. 

Also, check out this silk bow tie which is perfect for formal occasions including weddings, proms, galas, and the like.

A Belle and Her Bow: Model Jennifer Michelle Wears Custom at Charlotte Style Mag Event

A Belle and Her Bow: Model Jennifer Michelle Wears Custom at Charlotte Style Mag Event

​Model Jennifer Michelle shows off her custom bow tie designed by The Female Haberdasher Apparel. This custom bow tie debuted at Charlotte Style Magazine 25 Most Stylish Event on April 13, 2013, at Suite. See TFHApparel.com for your custom bow ties today! Follow Jennifer Michelle on Twitter.

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TFH Launch Spring/Summer Collection at Kanvas Gallery

On March 15, TFH hosted its first launch party which was held at Kanvas, Uptown Charlotte. Here TFH debuted its Spring/Summer collection for 2013 including the signature Kanvas bow tie.

Throughout the the night, TFH models mingled with attendees and provided mini private "how to tie a bow tie" tutorials. Men and WOMEN alike were enthusiastic about learning how to coordinate bow ties with their wardrobes.

Partygoers also raved about signature cocktail "Nikki" which is only sold at Kanvas.

To add to the fun, TFH hosted a give-a-way, and three attendees walked away with beautiful, exclusive silk bow ties.

In all, TFH first launch party was a success. People came ready to celebrate the launch of The Female Haberdasher--it was an engaging night centered around people, fun, and bow ties!

Also with the first launch party strategically planned at the end of the Kickstarter Campaign, partygoers had more to celebrate as TFH had successfully exceeded its goal of $1000.

Thanks to all who came out and supported.

Check out the signature bow tie for Kanvas Bar Lounge listed below.