TFH Kickstarter Campaign

Thank You for Your Support

For the duration of 33 days, The Female Haberdasher campaigned to raise $1000 for manufacturing and new image branding. On March 17, TFH successfully raised $1055. Since then, TFH has connected with a manufacturer and has been working diligently on new image branding. TFH wants to "thank you" for contributing to the fund and helping it reach the next step in scaling the business.

Starting with this website, all of you TFH supporters out there can keep up with our latest apparel, trends, and styles. We're excited to debut this website to you. And the fact that we chose TFHApparel as our domain only predicts that the best is yet to come! Stay tuned.

Just in case you missed TFH Kickstarter Campaign, you can find it here.