Need Bow Ties for Your Wedding? Has Got You Covered.

On Friday, I, The Female Haberdasher, received exciting news in the mail, a wedding invitation to see my dear friend--Autumn--marry the love of her life--Evan.

Sidenote, before I go on, I have to avert your attention to the movie "Autumn in New York" where Richard Gere's character, an old sexy, man, falls in love with a belle. Love this flick.

Anyway, how about a cheers to this big announcement!! I'm sending out a hearty "Congrats" to Autumn and Evan."

Furthermore, with this new announcement, I've somehow attracted more clients who are preparing for weddings this year. 

This week, I'm starting something new--creating bow ties for boys for a wedding that is to take place this weekend. They will be plum, rectangle-shaped, adjustable (velcro), freestyle bow ties. I have a few more to make for a Kickstarter contributor and wellwisher--Paulette. I've not forgotten you, Miss. Boys bow ties will be made-to-order for now. As I continue to experiment with creating bow ties for boys, I intend on developing a collection. Stay tuned.

In addition, to the boys bow ties, I have a client who thought it would be nice to create custom bow ties for his wedding. I have a little something extra for this client and for all of you too ... It's going to make a lot of scents (yes, scents) later! More about that soon.

So weddings, weddings are everywhere. How exciting. Love is in the air. And I love that all of you are celebrating your love with TFHApparel bow ties.

For more information on how to get your hands on custom bow ties for your wedding, please email The Female Haberdasher. Congrats to everyone who is finding, falling, and saying "Forever" to love this year. Woohoo ... throws imaginary confetti. 

Also, check out this silk bow tie which is perfect for formal occasions including weddings, proms, galas, and the like.