@TopflighHall is Living the Bow Tie Life

Today, I want to share a Highlight of one of my clients. He's a huge supporter of TFHApparel.com bow ties and has been supporting since I've opened a shop on Etsy. He's incredibly stylish. I just love the way that he incorporates color and floral into his wardrobe, giving it a manly edge. Here's @Topflighhall (IG), his TFHApparel.com Botanical bow tie, his soles and socks. It's Bow Tie Wednesday, TOPFLIGHTHALL is living The Bow Tie Life.

Heck, every day is bow tie day, if you ask me!

Here are a few pictures and a blurb about @topflighthall.

Check him out on Instagram. He's got style, and he gives his audience a daily of dose of styling options. So very cool.

Name: Joseph Hall AKA JOE or to some "Topflight"

Hometown: Killeen, Texas but also resided in DC and San Leandro California

Quote from Joe: "The botanical bow is a true gentlemen's bow. I love floral patterns, and this bow is an attention-getter. Every time I wear it, I receive numerous compliments and people telling me how they enjoy the print and vivid colors."