Why Does Nikkipanache.com Sell Esquire Tees?

Nikkipanache.com sells "Esq". tees because, I, Denise Gregory, the Founder of Nikkipanache.com is a third-year law student and aspiring attorney (obviously), and I have found, over the past two years, that law students and lawyers alike desire to re-brand the image of lawyers and show pride of their profession. 

I found that there is a minimal number of merchandise that law students and lawyers can purchase to show pride in their profession, and I wanted to offer an item to the market that everyone could be proud of wearing, especially since I'm getting closer to sitting for the NC bar examination.

And interviewing new lawyers, those who have recently passed a bar examination, I discovered that these individuals were finding difficulty in creatively making their "NEW LAWYER" announcement to the world. And why wouldn't anyone fail to make such an announcement to the world after spending three, agonizing years in law school? I figured the best way to do so was to offer this market "Esq." tees. Of course, this t-shirt is for seasoned attorneys as well. But the focus, along with the theme of the retail site, caters to the young professional.

I find that young professionals are young millennials who love posting, blogging, and instagramming content on the internet, individuals who spend a lot of time on the net engaging with media. And this t-shirt becomes content easily. It's a simple shirt, typically purchased in white with black lettering. Its type is eye-catching. And most importantly it re-brands the legal profession for lawyers because it celebrates new faces in this profession, showing the world that lawyers are everyday people. It makes newly-licensed attorneys more approachable, likable, and accessible. 

Additionally, I think, inadvertently, it helps with an attorney's advertisement. Although, the t-shirt does not intend to advertise. That's not the point. It's just a t-shirt, a graphic t-shirt, ultimately. But people who see the t-shirt on a familiar 'somebody' will remember that person's name (or handle) and where that person posted his or her face.

To get your t-shirt and celebrate the legal profession with the rest of us, see below. Sweatshirts are also available.