LAW SCHOOL CHRONICLES: The Beginning of The Last Days of Law School



Stay Away from These MFers in Law School

The Beginning of The Last Days of Law School

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Well, first, I must state that I wrote a fantastic, outstanding blog post this morning on how I got into law school and what my journey looked like on the way there.  Then, my website abruptly reloaded itself, and everything was erased. Therefore, you’ll never get to see that because I’m not re-writing that shit. Oh, I have a potty mouth in real life, so you’ll see some of that here in the blog. I’ll use asterisks to make it look polish. But how much polishing can you do to an expletive?


I signed up for Depositions course during intercession with one of my favorite professors. He’s cocky and a likable asshole. He tells me I’m screwing up when I am, and he loves to hand out Cs and other subpar grades. I take his courses anyway because he challenges his students and no matter what grade you earn in his class, you’re sure to know more than the average J.D. holder. So that’s why I’m stuck in this class for a whole week, for four hours a day. Fun times.

You know what I get a kick out of in law school? Eager students. Students who are down to answer every question, even if they know their answers are wrong, because they want to impress the professor. These professors don’t give a damn about your eagerness; they want your accuracy. So save your class participation (everything in moderation) and give the final all of the energy you’ve got because that’s when it matters the most. Confession: I’ve been this student. I’ve done well here. But I hate when others do it. There, I said it. Stop trying to be me. LOL. My answers are mostly right by the way.

You know whom I hate at law school? The lying one-uppers. They swear they are outperforming everyone, but you always see them weeping during midterms or after Finals. Don’t nobody give a damn about your tears.

I also hate the motherf*ckers who keep asking me for my notes every semester. I don’t care if your computer crashed. Sue Apple!

You know whom I love in law school? I love those who are willing to help others. I hated to help anyone in the beginning since we spend most of our time competing for grades. Grades are rationed out. About 3-6 people will get As in a class of 30. Only the top 15% of the class will get As and Bs. Everyone gets Cs, Ds or fails. But I’ve learned: when you help others you help yourself. You rehearse the information as you teach others. But do this knowing that if you’re helping someone in your class, this gives them their missing edge. This helps them outperform you in a final. So you gotta watch out for these crackerjacks muffins as well because if you don’t they’ll take all that you have and make it into something else … better. So I only study with one person now. Five and ten are too many. Now you know why I haven’t been showing up to your study session parties. I still love my colleagues, but I need these grades like an … ok inappropriate. Nevermind.

This semester is my last semester, and I want to enjoy my friends and family. Sure I’ll do most of the reading. I will perform well. I will do all that is necessary to graduate early. But after sacrificing my last 2 years to reading 100 pages a day, missing out on family/friends engagements and other events, I just want to learn how to enjoy life more and hate law school less. Last semester was the only semester I thoroughly enjoyed. I had a lot of business law related courses that rocked my world. I was able to put my real life legal experience to great use in my commercial property class. I socialized more. I connected more with my colleagues on a personal level. And I learned to love my love—David—a little different. I learned a lot and loved a lot. I’m hoping to accomplish the same as I did last semester plus graduation this semester!

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