About Last Night: Factory Cafe @ AvidXchange Music Factory

No hangover!!

You know your Saturday rises from the horizon when you wake up without a hangover. I wasn’t worried though. Last night, the girls and I gathered at a one “Factory Cafe” for hookah and good vibes. We held down the “black corner” with @geebeeshookahs packing and lighting our hookah all night. Shout out to him for being a good patio host!

Furthermore, Hennessy was on special for a whopping $8. But since you all know that I’m very conscious of my calorie intake (I know! Stressful), I had gin and tonics all night, $5 each, Seagrams Wellness Drinks! No, truly … they were really well with 120 calories max per drink. To add, at most, a shot of gin is 69 calories. Do y’all care? Seagrams Extra Dry Gin (this is not an ad) did not elicit a hangover, so it’s a WIN for the kid!!

Factory’s very special deejay played all of our favorite 90s music mixed with some reggae tunes. So we danced and rapped Biggie, Junior Mafia, DMX, Dipset, and did a dirty wind to the the rhythms of “AAAACCTIIIONNN!! … Sweet!”

The atmosphere was pretty chill. The waitstaff joined in with entertainment, busting a move or two. All around, after a long asss week with Hurricane Michael, establishing a law firm in DC, and dealing with my ever-changing work schedule, Factory Cafe was just the wind down I needed.

I’ll be back.