Stuck in a Life Module: The Deja Vu We Wish We'd Get Passed.

Open Tab of a Creator's Mind.

As a best friend of the best friend committee says:

It takes longer for some.

You ever relive the same module repeatedly, so many times that you feel like you should have bypassed this level in life?

This is going to sound strange. But allow me to walk you down memory lane. Do you have a family member who continuously borrows from you? Under similar circumstances? And under those similar circumstances provides you the same broken promises? But you give anyway. Or maybe you don't. Choices.

Ok. Maybe that's not familiar.

Do you have a friend in your circle who constantly complains about his/her spouse? Usually calls around the same time of the month or season of the year? With the same complaints? And you continue to listen OR maybe you ignore the phone calls. Decisions.

Listen ... if none of these scenarios sound familiar. Just think of a pattern in your life that you keep reliving. I'm reliving one now. And I tend to meet that same set of circumstances with the same response. I have been for the past year. You know it's not deja vu until you recognize the pattern.

Furthermore, this is an overload. I know. I'm in my "riddle me this voice" because I don't want to focus on the repeated pattern, the module. It occurred again, this time, last year, similar set of circumstances, different players. 

Instead, I would like for you to focus on the meaning of meeting the same set of circumstances with the same response. It calls for some decoding, a task that is hampered down with other important tasks. But now looking at it using another's lens, what's the Universe trying to tell me?

Some lawyer is reading this and thinking: habit. 

It's exactly that in the legal world. But what's more, in your psycho-analytical world, it's a failed mission. This is my guess. We wouldn't be repeating scenarios, reliving certain sets of circumstances and meeting them with the same response if we were not continuously failing the mission. I'm failing this mission. And I'm supposed to be good at puzzles. But I never completed this puzzle, this module 'priority.' A quick brush off, and I'm typically back in business.

With that said, it is time to get pass this module. I'm exhausted from seeing a different set of players under the same circumstances. I only played Mario 3 but so much as a kid before I moved onto another game. Not sure if you got to give up the game to pass the module or find a secret door. Only time will tell this time around.

Sh*t Gets Hectic. The Level Up process is exhausting. What will you change about your behavior today to pass the module and level up?