Against All Odds, Still I Rise, Maya Angelou Vibes | Morning Thoughts

Young lawyers are typically discouraged from posting sexy pictures of themselves. It, somehow, as we are taught, undermines their credibility as a lawyer. Even the Rules of Professional Responsibility state that judges should show no semblance of impropriety in public (or on the net). 

 Women are taught by society to dismiss their womanhood, their sexiness, and to be modest especially under religious standards. 

People are groomed not to post suggestive pictures of themselves because American corporations and police enforcement now search the net to assess character. Even the latter looks for evidence for the purpose of prosecution.

Sexy pictures can be a display of questionable character. It can even be the basis of someone's statement: "She asked for it!" 

And still against, all odds, because I'm woman, I rise, Maya Angelou vibes, you gonna get these damn pictures!  

Here's to just being in the New Year and putting perception of self especially in writing and posting ... FIRST.  

 If it helps you swallow it better, I'm upstanding citizen who took an oath to serve the citizens of this nation, on and off screen. You're welcome.