"Eat, Move ... , Repeat!" #Billions

In the mean time, in between time, when I'm not billing clinic hours or writing for the IP journal, Idiscuss my new TV fascinations here. If I don't, I'll become one wildly insane law student. Creativity keeps me alive, well, and balanced. What does exercising logic do? To be determined.

Over two weeks ago, I finished seasons 1 and 2 of The Affair, and it was everything! It's right up there with House of Cards in a trashy, small town kind of way. What's not to love?

Recently, a friend recommended that I watch another Showtime series--Billions. Before going any further, I must applaud Showtime for stepping up its programming. I was not a fan of Homeland, despite its filming in North Carolina. But Billions is alluring.

It's important to have a character to love, hate, fantasize about, etc. When script writers lure their intended audience in ... to engage with characters in such a way that provokes intense feelings, a hit series is born.

It also helps ratings when script writers can provoke mixed feelings about a character. For instance, remember when ABC Scandal began? Women all over the world hated Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) for becoming President Grant's sidepiece. But by the end of 4th season, those same women began to empathize with Olivia's character as she moved into the role of First Lady retaining her crown as "America's Mistress."

I'm not personally invested in Billions' characters. I don't believe that anything about my person connects with any of these characters. I won't go into why that is. Naturally, I don't empathize, hate, or love any of them. Axe is kind of cute, but that quickly fades. Nonetheless, I watch. I watch for educational purposes. Watching helps me spot legal issues.

For instance, you have Axe who is the head of ... wait ... what is he the head of again? Some financial institution ... oh yes ... a hedge fund, that commits all kinds of white collar crimes with the primary one being--insider trading. Insider Trading: The Sexiest White Collar Crime ever. Don't you agree?

Attorney General Chuck is also sexy because he's Attorney General. Duh! He sets out to follow the rules, keep his flock in line, and look after his philandering father. He is also blind sighted by a mole. It appears that Chuck is having poor luck, but I'm sure this will change soon.

Above all, Chuck maintains his professional values, but things get murky when he's forced to choose between self-preservation and family. Mind you, this is all true as of episode 4. I think you will find Attorney Chuck equally impressive, despite his idiosyncrasies and questionable interests.

Without spoiling it too much, I urge you to spend your time on some worthy TV programming--Billions.

By the way, add "Eat, Move, Sh*t, Repeat" to your directory of shady quotes. I won't tell.