Nikki's Favorite Places in #Charlotte

It's the end to another fun weekend and of course I trekked to a few of my favorite places in Charlotte. This is my short go-to list, and I'm open to suggestions. 

1. Salud Cerverceria

Easily tops my list for its chill vibes and awesome beers on tap. I typically have 16 oz. of #13 Los Compadres Mango & Pineapple Fruit Beer. 5.6% ABV. It tastes amazing! I like the fruity notes, and they're not overpowering. This is an easy go-to for people who like cider but want to venture further into beerland. The Watermelon Sour Beer that's on tap is a close second. Besides the beer, my friends and I enjoy the open industrial concept that features a sky light with hanging plants. Beautiful Taste! Go check it out.

2. Stache House

Even though I'm a lawyer out here in these streets, I enjoy hookah and spirits at Stache House. For the most part, it's chill during the week and offers up a healthy bit of ratchet on the weekends. What's a healthy bit of ratchet? A mix of young professionals who love rap/hiphop/trap. Taste makers adjust accordingly.

3. "The Alley" aka Latta Arcade.

It's Charlotte's restaurant row, for sure. My friends and I venture this part of downtown and call it The Alley. Whilst there, (ahem), we frequent Istanbul (hookah spot), Peculiar Pizza, QCBC (beer cheese and fries) and Nefelie's (anything on the menu). All are great spots for food and spirits. Although, if you are going to drink and need craft cocktails, I recommend The Cotton Room, which is located upstairs just before Istanbul.

4. Common Market

As a single woman who works 40+ hours, records podcasts, and designs t-shirts and things, I don't always make time to cook. This place is an easy stop for me to fill up on sandwiches, Casa Dora wine (my favorite), and Zappo chips. The Greek pasta salad here is also good. Check the fridge. 

So that's that! This is not a paid sponsorship or paid advertisement. These are my tried and true places for good eats and good times. My friends and I thoroughly enjoy our times here ... and so I'm passing on "good vibes." XnO