Open Tab: Search* When the Creative Mind Drives a Legal Mind


"If you're asking the Universe for such a thing, of course it's going to be worst and harder and grind-dee-er and difficult." -- The GaryVee Experience podcast

I asked the Universe to get me through law school and to my license to practice and then to grant me the capacity to run an e-commerce/retail business in tandem, so I can fully express myself. I'm still asking the Universe for these things. I must be able to do both, be a creative and legal mind to be happy and to feel complete. Why?

Flashback to 2011 when I was laid off at Lowe's. I've told this story before. I worked at Lowe's in their Taxonomy Department but first as a temp as a metadata writer. The latter is not the exact title for that position. But basically ... have you seen those hang tags on Lowe's products in their stores? I wrote that. Have you seen the product descriptions on your receipts when you purchase your products from Lowe's? I wrote those too. I call it Twitter language. Have you seen the product descriptions on Lowe's website? I wrote those too. But this is not the only writer I was meant to be ... as a purpose to the World and Universe. Long before I was laid off, I had an epiphany, a dream, saying go to law school and become the ultimate writer--a lawyer whose writing brings about change. So since Lowe's provided flex hours, I studied for the LSAT at home, before work, at work, after work, and took it twice. As you know, this behavior led to the PBAP at Central Law then a small scholarship at Charlotte Law. I also graduated law school.

How about that dream now?! 

While I was studying for the LSAT, I made bow ties, that is, after I was laid off, I began a custom bow tie business. You see some men are viewed as companions, meal tickets, etc. But if I choose to date you, you're probably my creative muse. In some form or another, you serve as inspiration for me creatively. That's how this bow tie and e-commerce thing got started. I was seeing someone who loved bow ties. I used his neck and his bow ties to create prototypes and paid my bills for a year and a half. Thanks, Bro!! He's not the point here. The point is when I studied for the LSAT and did not make the score that I needed the first time, I continued to be creative, and it all worked out. I had to exercise both my creative and legal minds in order for the Universe to respond. Over the years in which I attended law school, I abandoned my creativity for my hunger for the law. There are a good number of us out there, lawyers who blog (or photograph, paint, draw, make tea, etc.) or bloggers who are lawyers, whatever! We need both. I need to make graphics, design tees, blog, show you my lousy sketches (see Suis Generis drawing on homepage), paint, color outside the lines ... you get it!

I've now failed the bar twice. We will get to these experiences later. I promise. I'm still angry about the recent failing, and I don't want to post it just yet. You'll manage. LOL.

But I'm hoping that my secret sauce, the knowledge that I know of myself and how the Universe responds to me will yield the desires of my heart. But like GaryV has said, it has become harder, grind-dee-er, and difficult to obtain these things. They are in my line of sight, not far beyond my reach, but I haven't grasp them yet.

So that's what the new website is all about. It'll be about my journey to exercising both my legal and creative minds, so that I can manifest. It will be for my selfish reasons of healing and letting go and growing anew, meanwhile, entertaining you all with my #truestory. It will be about how I motivate, prepare, grind through seasons and endure pitfalls, so that a smile isn't so hard to manage on a daily basis. (Have you seen my smile? If not, see my Instagram.) It will be about how entrepreneurs and lawyers find happiness despite pitfalls. The e-commerce side of this site will feature products that will motivate the Do-Gooders and Go-Getters with all kinds of witty, wearable stuff. The objective here is to keep you motivated as I keep myself motivated.

Furthermore, I will throw in some shirts simply based on awareness alone because "who am I not to?" In all, we are about to beyt, hook, and kap-cher moments in time to feed our prosperous future, meanwhile, stay woke about The Black Experience because all of these stories are told by me--a young, black, brilliant woman. And being black sometimes drove my ambition. :)

This should be funny, interesting, and sometimes scandalous. Hmm ... where should I start?

'Til next time.