Denise Gregory is the creator of where she designs t-shirts and bow ties, blogs about of her life of being a creator and lawyer and shares her art (photography and graphics). She invites you into her world of motivation, inspiration, and hustle.

DG designs bowties for the Narcissist who does what he wants with his or her style. Unisex t-shirt designs are off the beaten path and unique in design.

DG continues to explore her lust for life, law, and entertainment on her blog: Sh*t Gets Hectic. Title sounds a bit off? Wait til you read her stories. DG shares her stories from starting a business, attending law school and learning to survive out here in these “entrepreneur streets.” Tune into her blog for a weekly dose of anecdotes and new local discoveries.

Incredibly talented, Denise owns all photography, graphics, and designs. She is the Jane of all Trades!