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On March 29, 2013, TFHApparel hosted its second launch party at Dupp & Swat Boutique of NoDa (Charlotte, NC). Here, attendees learned to tie bow ties and modeled several items from TFHApparel's Spring/Summer '13 Collection. Were you in attendance for this Bow Tie Launch Party? If so, find your picture below. If not, don't miss the next TFH Bow Tie Party. Photography produced by Guerilla Photography.

On March 15, 2013, TFHApparel had its first launch party at Kanvas of Uptown Charlotte. And over 40 people showed up to embrace TFHApparel's Spring/Summer Bow Tie Collection. There was a signature cocktail on the menu--"Nikki" and a lot of bow tie tying tutorials.

We also celebrated TFHA's successful Kickstarter campaign where TFHA raised over $1000.

See pics below. Catch us at our next Bow Tie Party!